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Discover United Buyers Group’s privately owned brand of fireplaces designed with the input of over 100 veteran fireplace store owners and installers, from coast to coast.

The result is an exclusive design and engineering to bring you features you simply cannot find elsewhere in one fireplace.

United Fireplace and Stove

United Fireplace and Stove is the best source of knowledge available in North America to guide homeowners toward finding what they really want when it comes to selecting the right type of fireplace.

About UBG

United Buyers Group (UBG) is dedicated to the hearth industry. We unite a network of more than 250 Specialty Fireplace Stores across the United States and Canada. Formed in 2000, UBG has grown to become the largest group of its kind representing independent businesses specializing in the fireplace industry.

My name is George Hill and I am the owner of Ultimate Home Comfort in Halifax, NS. We have been UBG members for over 5 years and have enjoyed the extra discounts afforded us by the group to increase our gross margin dollars as well as cashing a 5 figure rebate cheque the last two years. The group allows me to operate my business independently of the large distributors and manufacturers who constantly threaten and use other means to get me to buy or continue to buy their products. Prior to this it was an annual fight with one large distributor to try and keep lines we had built up for them for the last 17 years, they didn’t care about our previous business, they just wanted to sell more products and threatened us every year about taking their products to our competitors in the area if we didn’t reach certain targets for sales. Between the extra money in our pockets and the stress relief of not having to worry about ultimatums from our distributor it has improved my bottom line and my quality of life. I highly recommend the benefits of joining the group. If you have any questions or I can help you in any way please feel free to contact me directly at 902-832-2575.George Hill - Ultimate Home Comfort in Halifax, NS

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